Saturday, November 26, 2005

'My friend has been falling everywhere since 2 days..
I told her one day she'll fall asleep.'

(This is one is dedicated to AUSTRALOPITHECUS my inspiration in life fer such quality posts)

whoz laffing??

*strains to hear atleast one laugh at the joke!*

Love ,
The Prognosticator who has lost it ..!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Bah so much traffic yaar!!!In hyd... at 7 drive is the worst time.. any Iwas at the masab tank flyover.. and an auto in front of me in at the signal .. was like...(words exactly)
"Tera ishq sifr itna ho sanam,
Tere naam se suru,
Tere naam se katam."

Spare his spelling mishtakes, but Now i wanna know what he means by that ...? which meaning was he trying to imply by that??

Saturday, November 12, 2005

You know You are the Loser when....

- When you are on a lonely street on a dark evening and a gang of ruffigans dun even look at you.
- when u try to be friendly with some one and he/she suddenly has to go to the loo.
-when u ask for a software proffesionals' email id and he says he dusnt use the internet.
-when people on your yahoo messenger are always going when you signed in.
-when u write offlines to people and from then on they are never online(permanent stealth settings)
-when ur parents are still looking forward to the "will do better in the next test" dialouge of urs and its been 14 years since u said it.
-when the comments for ur posts are all urs , replying to the spam messages.
-when ur boyfriend wants to break up with you and he says that,"itz not you, itz him."
-when ur post urself on and your page has the highest no of hits but not even one consideration.
-when a friendly passesnger in the train journey gives you his phone number which turns out to be the mahila mandals number!
-when u get no mails except from the shady sites offering organ enlargements.
-when the people at the make-over centres give up on u.
-the only guy staring at you is of Hrithik Roshan on ur wall.
-when u want to write a post on you blog and the page loads slowly in the hope of detering u to make one.

The Prognosticator

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

At the Charminar..

Stepped foot onto the Old city land today..literally.. never walked there earlier.. itz a wierd muslimy feeling...
stood under the charminar...Y doesnt soem one clean it up..??

A sidey guy selling purses is after one of my friends..."Kareena madam, bhoomika madam.. purse kharidlo...!!"
G:(shocked!!).. no response to the guy..
Guy:tries again.."150/- ekdam mast lagenga kareena madam!
G: (desperately looks around for escape.) sits in the auto.. and fiddles with her cell..
Guy:(again.) thik hai karrena madam aapkey liyey last bargain Rs 40/-..
G:looks at us..(asking fer help!!)..then goes jao jao..nahi chahiyee..
Guy:Kyamadam.. kya model hai cell fone tumhara..?
G:(again shocked.!)tumko kya tum jao..!!
Guy: kya to bhi madam .. mat dikhao.. tumhara chaar sao ka cell hai.. hum to 1200 ka cell wapartey!! tumharey se accha..!
G:(offended..!and to us..) my cell!!!!! motorola.. 400 bucks...???
AS we drive away...Sidey guy.."mai dilata..mast cell ..logaan mere sey hij lete ji..!!

At a shop selling haleem-"LIP TOUCHING, SUPAR MUTTAN HALEEM!"

Old city at 6:30 : wierd !
crossed chadarghat bridge into normal area outta old city... felt like back from pakistan into andhra pradesh..!!

btw went to visit "shiv shankar gow shala" which makes biogas..
one cow almost peed on lecturers sari... I felt soo gud:D!!

Saturday, November 05, 2005


This is to inform u that .. there is a great danger existing in my path of Blogging and the internet ..
an ongoing war has resulted where my parents have the higher say.. regarding the severing of myinternet connection.. pertainnig to their concerns regarding my education (or the lack of it!)
.. so please pray for my survival in the losing battle ..
and if i dont return anytime after monday...i might have been conqured upon..

With regards and great emotional disturbacnces in life..
The prognosticator..!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Glitter, shimmer ,quicksilver..

Sitting on my toilet seat last nite, I was realized that this is the very place i got every one of my bright ideas. somehow the toilet seat stimulates my inspirations and my imagination..Dun ask me how it works..
So this thought , so like my others as it emerged , began to take form and shape.. I realized , gazing out of the window at the beautiful black sky , i realized that we tend to show off too much of that us new in our lives .. of course his is not any of those omg type of realizations.. a thought i hadnt really pondered upon earlier it was..

I mean it is the joy in ths smallest of the things , that are new iin our lives that keep us happy..

For instance, let me take my on example . when i bought a new pencil.. somehow the thought of the new pencil made me so enchanted that i actually tried to read a little physical chemistry and underline the 'important' observations in my book..(something i gave up ofcourse after 3 minutes and6 secs of starting).

Lets progress to other and bigger details in life..
There was this friend of mine, who long ago, had bought a new watch .. and was so excited of showing it off that he turned into left hander all day! *extends his left hand with his new watch *" can u pass me a pencil please?"(somehow became politer and all for that day).. or *rubbing his hands together and wondering aloud*, "i have long fingers!".
and the best part of it.. whch ended the whole drama..when he dropped his coffee on his crotch trying to look at the time when someone asked.!!

Somehow the glitter of the new thing shades the old one ,still in itz best condition .
Lets take another example , of my red old scooty..when my mom got her new kinetic . somehow.. the acceleration of the scooty wasnt good enough, itz height wasnt convinient all of a sudden.
Then 2 years later , when i got my activa, mom's kinetic wasnt good enough all of a sudden now.. something that was gud tilll yesterday..

Something that hasnt lost itz shine yet is my comp(*hugs it *) something about it is there that is irreplaceable..(hehe.. may be the fact that i havent got a new lap top.

Some how I have a feeling this applies to a lil exetent even to the friends in our life,.. or may be my life.. for a person who hasnt been in one place for more than 3 years in a row it is difficult to have friends for a long time.. sometimes you just cant help it, sometimes itz not possible.. sometimes itz just time.
i have had friends with who i have been like glue to me kinda pals .. and now.. i dont really have anything common with them .. even thoug i am in contact with them they arent anymore those pals .. i could talk for hours.. now somehow i dont have anything to say to them.. and i have new friends all of a sudden .. who have taken their positions... but i know this is transitory.. they will not last too long either.. so what is this..any way..

P.S . I dun really have point to make here ..just something to type about...

Love ,
Support World AIDS Day