Sunday, August 21, 2005

MEN- my classification

As i sat watching the saturday televison which, of course doesn't show anything worthwhile, i watched this loser type heroine "dancing around the trees" with one hyperloser type boyfriend of hers. I had this sudden realization that i was a bigger loser than her..reasons- atleast she had a man of her own who might in the at the end of the movie resort to beating up her fathers' goons valiantly in order to claim her and reconcile his differences with the father's famliy coz they might be the long lost friends of his own father who might have had sentimental differences in the near past bcoz his father's sister had married the brother of the girlfriend's father and they might have run away and the other family members must have never forgiven them for this act of treachery coz the grandmother might have died due to shock attributed to the eloping of those two. Yeh i guess it got a lil' complicated (Telugu movies run that way!!). Anyway ,comming to the point, im a loser coz i have no man in life and a loser more, coz i have standards wherein the guys who fall in my category dun even wanna look at me Ironically .Yes....but i cant compromise!!

Now, let me classify men based on my (.ahem!!)... experience in attaracting the other species-

  1. Men, who are worth looking at and sighing - those on televison u can see them how ever many times ,they will show u want u want to see and even what u donnt wanna. but can never even dream of having them.
  2. Men, who are extremely good looking,sexy,smart,magnetic and more importantly those we can never have coz they are either already taken, or they dun even look at us ugly, invisible people.
  3. Men, who are of the above type but major fault - they are gay!
  4. Men, who u try and line- marofy but they never fall for you.
  5. Men, who like you but never thought of u "that way"!!(bahh!!)
  6. Men, who line marofy you , but you never thought of them "that way" !!(what odds on those?!)
  7. Men, those really dumb,loser ,desperate types who are almost in the same situation as you.
  8. Men you are going around with but u realize this act isn't going to last too long.
At this rate, losers like me and if u are, are never going to find anyone
But what the heck!!! I'm glad to have my sofa and and that fattening packet of lays, without being able to worry if my guy would like me even if i have a pimple on my nose or extra layers of fat around my tummy.
Enjoy while it lasts -coz someone might snatch it all from you!(not betting on it thoh !atleast not in my case!!:))

The Stereotype loser

Interesting contradictions ... in your previous post you mention about these telugu foodstuffs and performing puja etc. I believe that was all for "varalakshmi vratham" (VV) unless you tell me that nowadays such things are being done for Raksha Bandhan too. As far as I know ... unmarried girls (making an assumption here :) perform the puja to get a good husband and married ones for the long life of their hubbies. Some others say that it is for a better husband in the next janma :) I disagree with that contention as the women could have rather wished to be born as the husbands themselves. Expressing faith in divinity in one post and utter hopelessness in the next... very,very interesting.
wait a minute that movie sounds so familiar..ive only seen 434322345243543534634436457585 movies like it.
hehe yeh sure i guess .. u did:))i saw around 3 movies less than u :P
thanks for commenting.i'm a student at IIIT. what about you ?
me trying various functions on ur blog
will help build mine
hmmmm i agree wid u on dis..MEN ARE ya chk da blinkies on my page?n the template?it looks sexy now.I love my blog now
I know I know which movie you are talking about !! Ninne Pelladatha rite ? Come on, atleast that one has decent songs and background score. It cud've been worse !
hi there swathi

loved the description of telugu movies..sooo true lol

and wats with the contradictory part of guys not checkin u out but their moms love u????????

im sure ur fishin for compliments..
and guys...mostly not worth
telugu movies rock
they are the best thing to happen to the world after pamela's boobs
so please refrain from commenting on the refined forms of art
it will not be in good humor
chiranjeevi jindabaad
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