Friday, March 31, 2006


yes! now ur fav blogger had come up with a photo blog in collaboration with GANTY..
chck it out!! and keep visiting for more updates!!


Friday, March 24, 2006

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

It struck me today.....

while writing this major chemistry exam (no! dont ask that question.. i'd rather not discuss the exam part of the story)
these 2 pigeons were cooing off happily in the window beside my seat oblivious of the fact that new kinds of chemichl reactions were being invented in my paper which i was trying 2 pass off as authentic..
my head suddenly stopped the production of pthalic acid and started humming the tune of this long lost song ... was wondering how many people still remeber it.. it goes like this..

"Gutar gutak , gutar gutak!,
Chad gaya oopar rey... atariya pe lotan kabootar rey!!
Gutar gutak, gutar gutak!"

I really dun recall the composer nor the movie .. all i remember is that the song involved one busty female in the loft with lotsa hay in the middle of lots a eeky white pigeons....singing and doing some gyrating movements involving lotsa butt shaking and pelvic movements rivalling even Govinda (thatz something!)
I cant seem to get the song out of my head .... sigh!!


Thursday, March 16, 2006


Why am i so wierd???

Was tagged by Gokul looooonggg back..... i took my time to come up with this any way .. so here goes

I think I'm wierd because-

-I take my own sweet time to shop and start with an array of clothes to wear, immediately discarding the first set of clothes that I try on.. try on about 8 sets in different combinations , decide on the best one finish up with everything, go to the sales counter and then return back to throw this one and buy the first set that I had immediately discarded.

-I always brush with a new toothbrush and paste as soon as I buy them, regardless of what time of day it is or how many times i have already brushed.

-When I find an article /story in the newspaper that might be interesting to read , I read all the other crap around the article and then come to that particular one in the end, to keep the suspense ticking (recalled when i read sameera's post)

-I always save my old tooth brushes to clean my basin in the bathroom and combs because I think they help to clean them amazingly well.

-I wear my oldest and most haggard looking clothes to an exam because I believe that they make me come up with the best answers in the whole thought process.

-I always buy different brands of soaps everytime I visit the supermarket giving equal importance to all!

-I clean my keyboard with paint brushes.

-My mind becomes immediately blank when anyone looks over the shoulder when I am trying to come up with a post.

-I have had the most wierdest of conversations with the watchmen of parking spaces of shopping malls.

-Coz I'm trying to come up with more wierd things even when I know it can damage the USP of my blog.

Yes! Tagging is necessary, it helps to keep your blog alive .
I do not tag-
Iyer- He absoultely hates them and will immediately direct me to his post against blogging!
Manas- coz he doesnt seem to be blogging these days.
Shubham- coz he will do off an arbit strip on tagging
Sameera- shez just done this tag and very well indeed!!!

I tag-
Ganty- He will come up with the most wierdest of stuff about himself for sure!
Sreicanth- He needs a break from serious posting.
Australo- Coz he can find PJs in anything.
Ashwin- He badly needs to psot something!


Monday, March 13, 2006

HAppy budday to Amina!

Dun really have much time to blog these days.! yeh i know itz not like my posting is ramgopal vermas next biggest release.. anyway
itz amina's budday today and i am hoping she takes this post as budday gift and yeh im really she'll call me home . ( i know she has 2 lts of icecream in her fridge! you are my beshhhhhhttt frnd.. can i have it now??!)

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