Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Trivia from the other side of your world

Life has by and large been pretty interesting off late.

Apart from procuring the extensive knowledge on the sexual habits of the canine creatures who seem to be determined on etching their ecstatic moments in my minds frame and insist on repeat performances this season, things have been pretty upbeat and have been keeping me on my toes. Let us recount some special mentions-

-Chasing out rats from the basement room where i live.

-Squasing the poor arthropods called Periplanata americana in multiples each day.

-Packing bags and moving out to higher grounds in the rainy nights as the aesthetically unappealing water fills the room, thanks to the employment of the most updated drainage system of the Indus valley civilization adopted by the Gujarat government.

-Most surprisingly, they have engineers of the same civilizations who advise us with their best methods of blocking the drainage - "Block the pipe entrance with cloth!!!!" Would u have ever thought of that?eh?!

-SP university which saves Rupees 30lakhs /annum by not employing lab attenders for the Dept of Biosciences as they want their students to "learn the ropes of Microbiology" washing lab floors and glassware and in the process spending 12 hrs in the laboratories pretending to be busy and engrossed in the research of the future.

-A senior's comment in the yearbook about the course-"It has been a learning experience for me and my fellowmates." Oh yes! I'm sure about that!

-Fellow Batchmates who follow the rule- "Man is a social animal" , by dining, working, peeing and occupying the front seats in herds of 8 or more from where no animal ever strays from the path and is found sitting alone.

-Their comments regarding my reading abilities -
What are u reading so intently!
Oh!! u have so much patience yaar!
Is this a love story?( regarding the biography of Richard .P.Feynman)
What is the story??tell me the story once the book is finished!

(Y god y ?? y me all the time??)

-Computer course involving the topics-CPU,Input and Out put devices ,a lecture in the seminar hall regarding the same with the industrious students copying notes on cpu is called central processing unit ....

-Comp Labs teaching their Msc students THE TYPING TUTOR and the MS PAINT- thankyou very much!!The students are progressing pretty well in the course is what i have been noticing these days!

-Dinner and Lunch involves the repetitive reminders of the types of dals grown in the districts of Gujarat with the indications of abundant availiablity of Potatoes and their economic feasibilty and reach to the remotest of cooks in the messes of Anand-Vidhyanagar.

-The Roads are a constant inspiration to the school going kids to pursue space research and provide necessary pre-training for the same.

-The Gujju's jeans is a religion in itself followed devoutly by donning ones made of outrocious fading and embriodery designs followed by the flashy,shining tops made of some kind of material, that would make you wonder if this is the land where the Mahatma started the Khadi movement.

-The only consolation to this place remains the wada-pav wala who could give the mumbai ones a run for their money and Dr.Kurien Verghese who has been totally milked out of the IRMA and the NDDB.(google if u dunt know what they mean!)

Other than these life's great and thanks to Ganty and a bunch of others who make this place worth living.

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