Sunday, August 12, 2007

I surrender!

Trust me! Trying to post after an year of hiatus, blogging can be quite trying. Thankfully, I will be back in 3 months time, where sane people live( that is comparitive), internet and home,crosswords,hot food, mom and longer beds with no iron posts to hit my legs every night and mainly no gujjus to look at every morning, U bet I am waiting to get back home.There have been these things of important nature that I have learnt staying away from home-

- Aroma therapy really works!Never throw away your almost empty body wash or shampoo bottles, the last few drops can save u if ur olfactory senses are highly developed. Especially if your room mate who has just used the toilet
and is disturbingly careless about flushing and hygiene.
- Listening is not always a virtue! Not when your landlady is a talking and swearing machine which does not need to draw breath and does not believe in punctuations when it comes to abusing her husband for not giving her money.
- People actually go to mental hospitals, real live ones and contrary to my beliefs, that I would meet one such person, my land lady has been there. Scored a Hattrick!.
- Most people talk nonsense! Most of the time and especially between classes. They are repetitive and it is okay if u do not listen and just nodding will do just fine.
- Power, even in the most stupidest of forms is acknowledged, more so when you are the new rep of a bunch of pea brains. More so when u do not take running notes in a class u can notice that favours always come your way.
- When managing in limited funds every month is a problem, there is an involuntary antenna that your brain develops which always tries to radio in on the word "free" anywhere you go.
- Rain gods hate me. It rains when I start any journey, be it to the grocery store and immediately stops when I reach a shelter. I can give up hope to be fully dry any day in the monsoon.
- I think I am cursed!Gujjus always haunt me without fail no matter where I go -Hyd, Mumbai or even for that matter Kerala!

Life's lessons sure are tough!

A tad bit wiser,

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