Sunday, February 17, 2008

It is English wonly- Characters at the university!

Conversation in my LAB
Between "Ph.D "Scholar and the papam girl doing project work under him.

Ph.D: "Where did u get this laptop from?"
Girl:" My aunt sent it to me as a gift from the Emirates."
Now madness takes over the guy!
Ph.D : "why?"
Girl (in a none of ur business tone): "For my birthday!"
Ph.D: "She has so much love for her "cousin daughter"!"
Girl (scandalized), Me ( almost dropped tube of phenol trying to loffing!) and Both of us trying to change expression to confusion .. "What is that?"
Ph.D(foot deeper into wide mouth): "Oh, you are her daughter in law?"
Girl(exasperated):I am her niece!

Scene ends with Me running out of the lab to take deep breaths of fresh air! and mostly to avoid spilling hazardous chemicals on his head!

One day this gentleman, a distinguished looking professor, sits in the bus in a seat in front of mine.
Has a dude-ish looking cap that said-
NEON COCK, embossed in bronze.


P.S. No problem in the dark , eh??
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