Friday, May 19, 2006


This time is what I was waiting for since 3years, the glorious freedom from the shackles of one of the most disgusting convent degree colleges ever. And here you go, it is here..
Glorious- u ask how? Here let me tell you-

-no more waking up at 7:50 am, bleary eyed, weary heart and deary prospect of entering the lane that leads to the madhouse.

-no more trying to search for respectable clothes as in either washed(ironed to too much to expect!), not washed but atleast only twice worn the same week.

-no more expense of deoderant to cover up the above.

-no more trying to convince mom that I did have a bath by going into the bathroom turning on the shower for 2 mins for the sound effects.

-no more fighting through the sea of school-autowallas with kids hanging out of the auto instead of their waterbottles.

-no more early morning scenes of nose picking, crotch-scratching and toothpaste spitting by people in chintal-basti.

-no more bone-shaking rides and smelly fishes through the chintal-basti road.

-no more half-lost people reminising about their last nite wet dreams in the middle of the road so much so that they dun even hear u honking at their asses 2 cms away and their half startled looks on loud breaking when I suddenly change my mind to hit the head on with my activa
-no more swearing continuously at the early morning-teasers on pulsars and in their dhinchak embriodered jeans and maroon dyes ,long and slick oily hair.

-no more sea of female humanity in the st ann's road with their delicate purses of palm size and 9"x12" books in their hands.. walking on their 4 " pencil heels threatening to crack.

-no more loser guys on their bikes trying to do in the equally loser type females with their missionimpossible stunts.. and me wishing one of their wheels come off in that instant.

- no more rude watchmen and 2 rupee sidey staff of the college trying to show off their impoortance by locking the main doors.

-no more early morning prayers of a crappy sort by an equally disgusting singing group with crazy accents -a mix of charminar hindi and britney spears -Oops I did it again style!

-no more standing at the door of the class room and giving attendence coz the new teaching incharge, excited with the game of "teacher teacher" which she is savouring for thefirst time in reality.

-no more Reshma's screechy drone and Sneha's killer looks in the micro class everymorning and wait of anticipation as to who wud be her new target for obscenities.

-no more acting intelligentand smart when u know nuthing of what is taught in the class and still getting away with the crappy made-up questions and equally crappy doubts.

-no more allergy inducing female smells laced with cheap perfumes !

-no more Girls, no more breathing the air thick with eeky sort of feminity, no more shrill-high pitched dumb blond voices, no more jingles of anklets at each metre..

Yes .. Gloriously!! no more St ann's!!

Love ,

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

NO I just cant write.. I need a break...! in the mean time ill keep filling with the fotographs
yeh I can see Iyer jumping with joy:P! and certain other ppl i cant see.. otherwise .. will be updating my other blogs anyway keep chcking those... lets see how long this block lasts!

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