Saturday, August 13, 2005

storyline attempt

As i took my seat in that over crowded classroom, i noticed masses of black, all around swooping around.They weren't really any different than the highly reduced versions of the Nazguls of the Lotr. This highly contrasted with the the jingle of bangles and anklets around , presumably hidden under those intimidating cloaks. Once those creatures in black took off there cloaks,their dark masks and their head pieces ,u could watch them transforming into girls of different kinds- tall ,short,dark,fair,fat,thin.. all the types that could exist.
Once u get over the shock of all the girls in those cloaks , u start to try and comprehend them, differenciate one from the another.One thing highly catchy was their adornment of accessories of all sorts-shiny,jingly and everything else.The common factor among most of them was their make up - bright lipsticks in red, pink,bronze and some unimaginable colours that i can't name.
Situations that i could never imagine could arise for me, were now taking shape.
My worst nightmare had begun.I was in an all girls college!! Compelled by fate that abandoned me in midway i had to get into this college- an institution where all the human beings were of the same sex. Once inside this bizzare unisex world, it gets hard for anyone to imagine that the other sex could even exist.
As i started adjusting to this display of array of colours ,sounds and particularily, the smells- perfumes of different kinds (Oh! by the way.. im allergic to those perfumes) i started missing the guys, their stoic presence,and their lazy, casual attitude and all that i have been in the middle of, all my life.
Then i suddenly saw a ray of light who came in through the door, no not a guy!!! u cant even expect them here! It was a girl ,a proper one like the ones i know, with no make up,dressed in a wornout blue jeans,and a bare t-shirt.She had her hair short,specky -like me, and was looking the decentest i could find anywhere around uptil now. I saw her looking around , for an appropriate seat, then she saw me and came over took a seat beside me. looked nice and approchable in comparison to the others. She said,"hi!".........TO BE CONTINUED LATER

kool...will b keepin a track of it...awaiting to read further ;)
when is the next episode?

oh btw for the launch cast try
u really r cool...........i read all ur posts.i know aquarians r like this.........very interesting people..........eagerly waiting 4 ur storyline to catch the heat

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Fascinating. Can't wait to see what happens. Nice blog, by the way.
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