Thursday, April 20, 2006

Graduation and other aimless pursuits

Yes .... im done with graduation!(mostly!whatz wrong with profound optimsm till the results come out?) . so I come up with this extremely interesting proposition which did not at all thrill AI and dragged her along to the Golconda fort .. Thatz what Hyd is famous for... climbed it to realize how out of shape i am (here round doesnt count!) ..watched the lighrt and sound show, provided food for some mosquitoes, entertainment to these 2 rupee chillar guys for 5 mins being the centre of attraction (AI attracts Jerks ...And she unfailingly did it this time too!)
I had one of the most depressing evenings for which again AI is to blame.. my batteries went out of charge and she obviously didnt care to charge them..Almost cried out of despair at My helplessness at not being able to click the fotos in the light and sound show .. amazing lights!
any way here are some of the fotos I had managed to click with whatever batteries i had..

Click here to view the fotos

Now off for a vacation.. will blog after on the 1st of May ...Till then..


Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Technology is catching up with the kids real fast these days I noticed today when my 2 and a half year old niece can dial me and of course carry on "adult level conversation" with me and sign off like shez done it ( ahem !)all her life and i was left wondering at the other side of the line .. when i was of her age .. i dint even know what a telephone was..

You may think i was unusually dumb or something but I dint even know things called Barbie dolls and Hot wheels existed either and then my sister at the age of 6 had about a collection of 6 arbies of different sizes and shapes... not that I'm jealous or anything .. i never really cared for dolls anyway...Then 9th std was the first time i had come across a computer in touch and move range and the first thing i remember doing with a comp was to play a game called bat and ball similar to the snazzy games of these days where u had to not let the ball fall and some of the powers came down from hitting the ball on to bricks involved elongation of the bat.. i really cant recall the name, but then i was really proud of being able to handle that one well the first time.. (My earlest memmories of the comp lab remain to be the unsucessful attempts not to breathe in the smelly socks of the guys .. i guess thatz y they had a separate entrance into the lab!!:D) and here is my sister who was knew how to operate a comp at the age of 7 or so.. talk abt luxuries..

I was on about this neice of mine .. really cute and shez gotten into this habit of having arbitary conversations with me over the phone these days . and it doesnt really help that my uncle (who is her grand father) is an ex-bsnl employee. yeh! they still have a free telephone connection i guess:D!

Here is the convo she had with me today!

Me: Hullo?
Her: heylo??(high pitched baby voice!)
Me: whoz this?
Her: itz me!!
Me: (amused)Me who?
Her:( apparently confused by the word play..come on!!"me who" is hard to comprehend!!) me who? ...Silence ...(brain comprehending.......) ..who are u?( cleverly by passing the diffcult question! kids in my family are smart u know!*hint hint*)
Me: (trying to pull her back into the convo with subtle hints!!;)) Is this priya bhavana?
Her: (happy to hear something she knows well!) im pb! who are u ??(now thowing me into the confusion )
ME: im swathi atta!
Her: swathi atta !! what are u doing??
ME: just came back from school!
HEr: y did u come back from school?
ME: it got over!
Her: Y did it get over??
Me: (umm good question!) coz i was hungry!
Her:(she apparently doesnt care abt my hunger pangs!) where is sindhu atta?
Me: in school
Her: then why are u at home???( in a tone thatz accusing me of running away with the family jewels or some thing!)
Me: mine ot over so i came home to eat food!
Her: ( convinced!) my akka just came home too from school!( apparently now that her sis is backk its okay for everyoneto be home:D)
ME: y dint u go to school??
Her: I dun go to school!
Me: y not??
Her: (dodging the question..) where is sambu thatayya and uma bamma?(my dad and mom.. sadly yes grand parents fer her!)
Me:in office!
Her:( ponders over the whole situation carefully for a few seconds and the bell in her head rings!) r u alone at home???
Me:(sigh!) yeh baby..!
Her: okay!
Me: did u have lunch?
Her: Yes!
Me: what did u have?
Her: pappu and perugu annam!( dal and curd rice)
Me: no curry?
Her: no!
Me: y?
Her:( in a 'none of your business' tone) i told u no!
and bangs down the fone on my face ... apparently I ruffled up some unwanted memories in her head , her having sucessfully avoided eating one whole course of meal!
who cares abt pleasantries these days anyway !

But the I was glad she called... helped calm my angry nerves combined with the effect of the heat ouside and the shitty sericulture exam paper that i had to write for 3 hrs!
( and yes!! i had to do a paper on Sericulture as an additional in zoology this year! Do not look at me like that i never volunteered to do it! and yeh i know im a loser.. thank u for that symbolic representation!)

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