Tuesday, August 30, 2005

2000 B.C. - Here, eat this root.
1000 A.D. - That root is heathen. Here, say this prayer.
1850 A.D. - That prayer is superstition. Here, drink this potion.
1940 A.D. - That potion is snake oil. Here, swallow this pill.
1985 A.D. - That pill is ineffective. Here, take this antibiotic.
2000 A.D. - That antibiotic is artificial. Here, eat this root.
Mark Twain ad :-"Clothes maketh the man."
His tailor's ad :-"The man making his clothes."

worst Pj i 've ever made up!!

Sunday, August 28, 2005


Dun say that...!!! I'm not turning my blog into a comic page.
Till i get time to write.....This is what will come up!!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

MEN- my classification

As i sat watching the saturday televison which, of course doesn't show anything worthwhile, i watched this loser type heroine "dancing around the trees" with one hyperloser type boyfriend of hers. I had this sudden realization that i was a bigger loser than her..reasons- atleast she had a man of her own who might in the at the end of the movie resort to beating up her fathers' goons valiantly in order to claim her and reconcile his differences with the father's famliy coz they might be the long lost friends of his own father who might have had sentimental differences in the near past bcoz his father's sister had married the brother of the girlfriend's father and they might have run away and the other family members must have never forgiven them for this act of treachery coz the grandmother might have died due to shock attributed to the eloping of those two. Yeh i guess it got a lil' complicated (Telugu movies run that way!!). Anyway ,comming to the point, im a loser coz i have no man in life and a loser more, coz i have standards wherein the guys who fall in my category dun even wanna look at me Ironically .Yes....but i cant compromise!!

Now, let me classify men based on my (.ahem!!)... experience in attaracting the other species-

  1. Men, who are worth looking at and sighing - those on televison u can see them how ever many times ,they will show u want u want to see and even what u donnt wanna. but can never even dream of having them.
  2. Men, who are extremely good looking,sexy,smart,magnetic and more importantly those we can never have coz they are either already taken, or they dun even look at us ugly, invisible people.
  3. Men, who are of the above type but major fault - they are gay!
  4. Men, who u try and line- marofy but they never fall for you.
  5. Men, who like you but never thought of u "that way"!!(bahh!!)
  6. Men, who line marofy you , but you never thought of them "that way" !!(what odds on those?!)
  7. Men, those really dumb,loser ,desperate types who are almost in the same situation as you.
  8. Men you are going around with but u realize this act isn't going to last too long.
At this rate, losers like me and if u are, are never going to find anyone
But what the heck!!! I'm glad to have my sofa and and that fattening packet of lays, without being able to worry if my guy would like me even if i have a pimple on my nose or extra layers of fat around my tummy.
Enjoy while it lasts -coz someone might snatch it all from you!(not betting on it thoh !atleast not in my case!!:))

The Stereotype loser

Friday, August 19, 2005

Wat is happening yaar??

As you can see i put up my radio and site-o-meter. it is up to you to aagey chalaofying itz numbers.
Today had fun. friends came over, did puja , had good food.!
  • VADA
pet puja !! coudnt eat anymore stuff or thought so. ..then came rasmalai from Balaji sweets guys(surat brought it over). now, tell me who can resist that??

think i put on 20 kgs today. cant eat for 20 days i think.
feeling sleepy !! Areyyyyy!!! itz raining!
come to think of it this confounded rain never comes when it is wanted . 2 din ago had my test , wanted it to rain so bad that ppl cudnt go to college.!! prayed hard !! but noooo!! it had to rain all nite and stop right at 7 in the morning . aakash khaali, brain khaali... colligative properties in physical yaar..!! bas had 2 to and learn it up in the zoology lab . and in the end what happens??!!! she says not colligative properties.. i'll take the test for glucose and itz mutarotation ,d&l forms... now tell me is god fair to me?? somehow wrote it!! thank my carbohydrates.. that atp generated and made my brain wrk !!

sometimes i think i shuld take sanyas!!
anyway me going ...

Thursday, August 18, 2005

AAJ KI SEEKH-(modified version)


Wednesday, August 17, 2005


me was soo busy busy wid the wrk at college.. and the project guy. at genetch ..that dint have time 2 write.. i guess 2 morro or somethin ill write the next episode..im shit tired 2 day.. by the way i got my karyotypig chaged 2 pcs.. so thatz gud!! somethini wanted.. starting from 26th... have 2 write up the report from now. and prepare the intro and stuff. wrking on thalaasemia .. and itz dna abberation itz gud.. any way have 2 read up ab it... thatx fer the link australopethicus:D but i cudnt get the place to insert in the html...?? where exactly do we put it in??

Sunday, August 14, 2005



Saturday, August 13, 2005

storyline attempt

As i took my seat in that over crowded classroom, i noticed masses of black, all around swooping around.They weren't really any different than the highly reduced versions of the Nazguls of the Lotr. This highly contrasted with the the jingle of bangles and anklets around , presumably hidden under those intimidating cloaks. Once those creatures in black took off there cloaks,their dark masks and their head pieces ,u could watch them transforming into girls of different kinds- tall ,short,dark,fair,fat,thin.. all the types that could exist.
Once u get over the shock of all the girls in those cloaks , u start to try and comprehend them, differenciate one from the another.One thing highly catchy was their adornment of accessories of all sorts-shiny,jingly and everything else.The common factor among most of them was their make up - bright lipsticks in red, pink,bronze and some unimaginable colours that i can't name.
Situations that i could never imagine could arise for me, were now taking shape.
My worst nightmare had begun.I was in an all girls college!! Compelled by fate that abandoned me in midway i had to get into this college- an institution where all the human beings were of the same sex. Once inside this bizzare unisex world, it gets hard for anyone to imagine that the other sex could even exist.
As i started adjusting to this display of array of colours ,sounds and particularily, the smells- perfumes of different kinds (Oh! by the way.. im allergic to those perfumes) i started missing the guys, their stoic presence,and their lazy, casual attitude and all that i have been in the middle of, all my life.
Then i suddenly saw a ray of light who came in through the door, no not a guy!!! u cant even expect them here! It was a girl ,a proper one like the ones i know, with no make up,dressed in a wornout blue jeans,and a bare t-shirt.She had her hair short,specky -like me, and was looking the decentest i could find anywhere around uptil now. I saw her looking around , for an appropriate seat, then she saw me and came over took a seat beside me. looked nice and approchable in comparison to the others. She said,"hi!".........TO BE CONTINUED LATER

Thought for the day:-


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Thursday, August 11, 2005

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today's events

okay .. ill tell u! the day it starts off with no indication of what wud happen 2 me in the end!! i go 2 college alll tired yeh i know tired in the morning!! any way so... i go.. stuff happens .. classes go on.. i dun listen as usual...then... i get to know....!! therz a project offer fer the genetics students from genetech( itz gene technology pvt company) offering certificate programs and project . just what i was looking for . okay so itz not in micro .. big deal i got a project thatz what i wanted.. yeh i know nuthin in genetics..so what?? i'll read up.. big deal...!!so.. they tell me we can do karyotyping..., genedisorder identification, pcr etc.................... was lucky to get it... no other micro person knows abt it.. so im the only microbiology student..Lone sailor !!
any way so thatz what happens...
now i need 2 go meet unicef ppl sometime this week coz of my aids campaign thing... i dunno how this project came up so sudenly.. now i dun have time 2 meet them.. i dunno what to do...
Support World AIDS Day