Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Life is like that!

how? I dunno! Lathat only it is like! what to do i says! such drastically things are happenings - Graduationings i didded off, then im now gettings wone seat in post graduations also! all wonders happened.
From now onwards , wonly nice ,cold, crappy mess food haves to eatings!
washing vone cloths!
cleaning vone utensils!
having no computers , wonly avry weekends ,rushings to MICA using off wi-fi systems for free and feelins all technology prouds I will!

On other hands i say-
less telefone bills for my lad to pay!
more telefone bills for my dad to pay!
More frequent meetings with my lad!
less travel bills for his dad!

sooper poems i made ! hah! such intellignet i becomings after admissions!

Thankings and i promising never to be posting again in such crajjyy mood swing time!

By the way!!! im posting in my photos blog !! people are requested to go and comment there writing i took little break! clicking im doing!!

Lots of luv,

where hav u gone ?
stop bloggin please
from where did this lad come. IJAT KIYE kya.sorry for the ignorance
@surat:i just made up a poem!(erm!if u call that one!)
@ganty:thanks!that is the encouragement i need!!
@mythalez: im here only y??
Sooper poem??? I thought u wud have learnt sumthin in the past 6months...acquired little skill! Ask for tips n learn...dont torture ppl wid stuff lathat!
very kab?
This is very interesting site... » » »
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