Saturday, July 26, 2008

The happening

Life is a Fuck!!
Part two-

Funny how when u have nothing to really do in life you end up thinking a lot! too much in fact and that is certainly not helping.
Im feeling too many things and noticing too much in life in addition to watching Jayasudha movies on Tv .I am a sad old hag.

- After Ganty informed me about this extemely interesting item on Star tv (Sushma, u poor thing how can u work for star??), i managed to watch it for almost 10 mins without break. "Kiss ka kissa"- starring Ranbir kapoor and that dame whats- her-name, Deepika, very sadlymorphed pics with ranbir's neck part being forcibly pressed forward into the poor dame's mouth. I'm like dude atleast make it look real.! but sigh!! i ended up watching it anyway!!

- I have been working out! I lost weight in milli ounces. Thats an achievement!
- I have new spectacles. My mom says I like the news readers on NDTV.
- I am trying to look better..(what the heck! most of u dont know me any way!!) Im looking freaking hot!!I got proposed by 4 men in 2 days!! and my vital stats are now 36-28-34. im hot!!
- This is my blog, I can say anything about myself!!
- I bought jewellery that I will almost never wear after the wedding!
- Oh! I am getting married ! To that Ganty only! I wont tag him coz i dont want any one to read his blog and think he writes much better than me!!
- Australo is springing far away into civilized worlds!
- I have no job ! I am a sad old hag who watched Star TV.

I am sure now ur happy u have a better life!

If u are planning to come for wedding, I am demanding Nikon DSLR 500 as wedding gift!
Otherwise fuck off!

Thoo !!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Life is A Fuck!

Blame me for being born with opinions. Blame me for thinking right. Blame me for trying to make peace and getting fucked in the process. Blame me again for getting frustrated trying to solve problems. Blame me for trying to make people see sense. Blame me for trying to save peoples asses.

Balancing act? A load of bull shit!!

What do I get in return?

Branded as immature, opinionated, inflexible.
Blood pressure, ulcers, anxiety and a fucked up head!

So much for a celebration!

Life is a fucking bitch! and I do not intend to change my opinion this time!!

Fuck all !!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Profound converations

Swati : (in Bed with one early morning resolution.) I want to write again, don't what about!
Inner self :(Enthusiastically) Type something!! May be you'll come up with something to say and astonish the world and make it sit up and look at u in new found admiration!
Swati : Scratches head, yawns and looks around the room.
Inner self : Well said ! Your work is done! You have changed the world beyond repair.
Swati: Grunts in satisfaction, turns over in bed and drifts back to sleep.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Friday, March 28, 2008

I sat , I thought, I typed and erased and finally I yawned!



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